FREE Best Sellers Novel Studies Both Interactive and Printable!

FREE Best Sellers Novel Studies - Both Interactive & Printable (BRAND NEW to

Our novel studies include everything you need to turn a best seller into a mini book course. The course includes interactive & printable vocabulary, spelling, handwriting, reading comprehension, writing worksheets, games activities & quizzes both interactive and printable.

What's Included:

Two Parts - Part 1 (1st half of book) - Part 2 (2nd half of book)

    Chapter Notes Organizer
    Reading Comprehension Multiple Choice Quiz
    Vocabulary Activities
    Vocabulary Games
    Vocabulary Quiz
    Spelling Activities
    Spelling Games
    Spelling Quiz
    Handwriting Worksheets
         - Print - Cursive - Box
    Sentence Writing
    Paragraph Writing
    Answer Key Provided

End of Book Activities:

    Story Map
    Compare & Contrast Characters (Venn Diagram)
    Draw It
    Review It

Book Mini Course Completion Certificate
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