Financial Foundations for Kids K-8

Laying Foundations for Strong Financial Future with Financial Foundations for Kids! 

FF4kids, designed for grades K-8, is a comprehensive set of standards-based, interactive computer courseware lessons that integrate personal financial literacy and it's underlying economic principles into the social studies, language arts and math curriculums.  FF4kids contains a total a total of 28 hours of interactive learning for students in grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.  Each of the 75 lessons provides approximately 20-50 minutes of instruction delivered by engaging age-appropriate characters, and over 350 interactive activities including 157 math exercises.

All K-12 schools in Kansas can receive access to the courseware free-of-charge!  Register from the teacher tab to receive your online password for Internet access.  Be sure to watch the training video and download the teacher's guide at the teachers tab before you get started.

K-2:  Buddy Bargain and the Gang

Introduces money and its uses, goods and services, consumers and producers, jobs and income, making choices and more.

  • 23 teaching units
  • 77 interactive exercises
  • 45 interactive math exercises

3-5:  Sydney Goodcents and friends

Reinforces K-12 concepts and introduces markets, economic resources, opportunity cost, saving, borrowing, financial institutions, costs and benefits, competition, specialization, incentives, government goods and services and more.

  • 29 teaching units
  • 79 interactive exercises
  • 71 interactive math exercises

6-8:  The Moolah Report - Cents-ible News

Reinforces the basics and introduces higher level economic and financial concepts such as productivity, payment methods, principal and interest, rate of return, risk, taxes, inflation and deflation, employee benefits, human capital, compound interest, economic institutions and more.

  • 23 teaching units
  • 49 interactive exercises
  • 41 interactive math exercises

FF4Kids is a program of the Kansas Council for Economic Education -

Development was made possible by:
Office of the State Bank Commissioner
Kansas Health Foundation
Financial Fitness Foundation
NextLearn, LLC