Dynamo Math - Dyscalculia Intervention-USA

Dynamo Math is an on-line intervention and remediation programme to support learners with dyscalculia and with co-occurring difficulties and supports children who struggle with Number Sense. Support the RTL process when combined with Dynamo Profiler - the assessment program.
The programme has been developed through research on how the brain learns maths  It is successfully used by Special Needs Coordinators, Educational Psychologists, dyscalculia practitioners and parents at home. 
The program include 230+ online modules, 230+ Teaching plans and 230+ worksheets. 
Irrespective of the nature of the learning difficulty arising from dyslexia, working memory impairment, auditory processing, autism, down syndrome, ADHD, dyspraxia… if a child is struggling with early maths then this comprehensive programme is an excellent foundation tool for acquiring number sense and numeracy proficiency.