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Teachers are asked to have lessons that are engaging and relevant, cross-curricular, focus on 21st century skills, differentiate learning, incorporate non-fiction reading and writing and provide an authentic assessment of their students understanding. We see this as the core fundamental of what STEM education is all about and Access STEM strives to bring this type of learning to each teacher and student in a school.

How do we do this?

Access STEM combines a number of different content types that accentuate the educational strategies of STEM education. Real-World Videos set the stage for each lesson by showing the practical application of educational concepts within a company/industry. Performance Task built around the specific job/industry ask the students to apply the knowledge learned in a real world unpredictable situations. Literacy Tasks ask students to read, synthesize and write informative and/or position papers around the real world career based topic.

Real-World Video Connections

Access STEM’s unique real-world videos are specifically designed to promote the relevant connections between college and careers to educational concepts. We highlight various different jobs from many different industries depicting how workers are using math, language arts, science and technology in their job. By interviewing a diverse group (45% of people interviewed are women or minorities) with varying type of educational backgrounds (High School diploma to Phd’s) allows students to see a road map to a specific job and the skills sets that are needed to achieve their goal.

For example, The Wind Business gives an overview of how the Horizon Wind Energy plans, constructs and produces energy from wind turbines. Highlighted in this video are a wind analyst, construction engineer and a construction foreman describing their job responsibilities and the connection to various math, engineering and scientific principles. Students are exposed to this growing industry and visualizing the educational skill sets needed to work in this field.