KONG YEYE Institute

Enjoyable Situational Animations show the meanings of “classic chapters”, strike a chord with learners and develop one’s decent characters.


The ancient classics which have been bequeathed up to now are the roots of Chinese cultures, and are also important raw materials for molding personal morality. This course excerpts many classic chapters, such as “Classic of Filial Piety”, “Laozi”, “Zhuangzi”, “Di Zi Gui (Standards for Being a Good Pupil and Child)”, “Three Character Classic”, “Analects” , etc., and displays the meanings of those classic stories via enjoyable animations which make it easier for kids to absorb and to be inspired. By doing so, we foster kids’ morality and change people’s stereotype that   classic reading education is dry and boring.留傳至今的聖賢經典是華人文化的根源,也是塑造個人良好品格的重要原料。本課程涵蓋「孝經」、「老子」、「莊子」、「弟子規」、「三字經」、「論語」等經典章句,翻轉大眾認為讀經教育是僵硬死板的刻板印象,以有趣的動畫手法表現經典故事的意涵,容易讓孩子吸收了解並產生共鳴,培養美好品格。

Stylized interactive multimedia teaching can guide students to put what they have learned into practice and implement moral education.


Besides displaying classic stories via animations, we also couple with interactive multimedia teaching, emphasize the key parts of stories through game playing to allow kids to absorb easily. The contents are close to daily lives and guide students to put the knowledge they learn into action so that moral education can be successfully implemented.