Defined STEM

Defined STEM combines a number of different content types that accentuate the educational strategies of STEM education. Real-World Videos set the stage for each lesson by showing the practical application of educational concepts within a company/industry. Performance Task built around the specific job/industry ask the students to apply the knowledge learned in a real world unpredictable situations. Literacy Tasks ask students to read, synthesize and write informative and/or position papers around the real world career based topic.

Defined STEM

  • Utilizes real world videos to demonstrate relevance to students and challenge them to apply foundational concepts gained in the classroom
  • Through the utilization of performance and literacy tasks, Defined STEM reflects the educational strategies of STEM education and project based learning

Performance Tasks

  • Utilize the “Understanding by Design” (UBD) framework
  • Performance tasks, built around the demands of specific careers/industries, ask the students to apply knowledge and skill in authentic situations

Literacy Tasks and Constructed Responses

  • Encourage students to read, synthesize, and write informative and/or position papers around real-world issues

Common Core and Next Generation Science

  • Aligned to state and national standards to help educators focus on high priority goals
  • The tasks associated with Defined STEM prioritize learning around application of knowledge, as well as skills within and across subject areas
  • These tasks naturally connect academic content with the 21st Century Skills (Critical thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration, communication and use of technologies) that are recognized as vital for success in the 21st century