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This website connects our award-winning, comprehensive curriculum on the Constitution and its amendments to daily civics news and student discussion.  

And when we say "connects," we really mean it. Daily, our nonpartisan writers sift through national and local news and select current events expressly for social studies classrooms.  And at least once a week, they write an article on a portion of this news with links to our multimedia curriculum. You can use these articles — we call them “Speak Outs” — in your class or right here online. When your students “Speak Out” at, they participate in a moderated, national dialogue of their peers.

We publish up to 5 news stories a day, many media resources each year, and at least one Speak Out each week during the school year.

Whether you're here for civics news, student discussion, outstanding multimedia on the Constitution -- or the engaging connection among all three -- welcome!

If you find valuable, please subscribe to our RSS feed, below.  You will receive a feed when a Speak Out is posted. The RSS feed is an excellent tool for class preparation, and students use it to spot the latest Speak Out and dive in. Did we mention student engagement?