GridClub is a creative, refreshing and motivating learning website for children, engaging their imagination, developing their skills and ultimately inspiring their learning (5-12 years).

The GridClub learning website contains a huge range of interactive online resources and activities designed for use in schools, libraries and at home.

There are 500+ curriculum-mapped, interactive learning resources, games and videos, a reference section, a parent’s area and a large teacher’s and librarian’s area with curriculum links, lesson plans, subject planners, assessment packages and worksheets.

GridClub covers English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Design & Technology, Art & Design, Music, Personal & Social Education, Physical Education, ICT (Information & Communication Technology), Citizenship and Languages (French, Spanish & EAL).

Scotland: GridClub has a special activity focus on Scottish history and geography as well as 80 broadcast quality video clips to support these subject areas.

Key Features:

  • BAFTA award: GridClub has won a BAFTA award for the ‘best online learning website’ in the UK.
  • Contributing to improving achievement across the whole curriculum.
  • Developing literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.
  • Motivating learners of all abilities to become independent learners.
  • Providing opportunities for extended learning and building home/school links.
  • Providing resources to encourage whole class teaching (with whiteboards) and personalised learning.
  • Nurturing a positive attitude to learning in over 3,000 schools.

Educational Benefits:

  • The underlying educational methodology is based on a constructivist approach to education.
  • encouraging trial and error, concept development, collaborative learning, problem solving and does not dwell on failure and learning by rote.
  • The website is motivating and rewarding and children are keen to repeat activities because they are self-motivated to succeed.
  • ICT competence and personalised learning are intrinsic to the learner experience.
  • One of its major impacts has been to stimulate learning with the able and less able pupil, the less motivated as well as the aspirational and high achieving pupil.

"GridClub has helped teachers to explore new ways of teaching and extend pupils’ knowledge & ICT Skills in all curriculum areas...." Donbank Primary School

"GridClub is making a real difference and raising standards in our school...." Grove Primary School