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TypingInstructorWeb for Kids for Schools
The New & Innovative Way for Students to Learn to Type Online! — Learn in English and Spanish!

TypingInstructorWeb for Kids is the new and innovative web-based solution for students, ages 6 to 12, to learn to type online. The program is easy to use-all you need is an Internet connection! Instructors can choose from 11 different Typing Courses, including the Home Row Course, the Course for 8 and 9 year olds, the Suggested Typing Course, or Specialized Courses like the 10-Key Course for the numeric keypad. Everyone is guaranteed to improve their typing skills with TypingInstructorWeb for Kids!


  • Educational Design Improves Speed & Accuracy! Proven techniques teach young students how to type or quickly improve their typing skills. Each Typing Course provides step-by-step learning with lessons, tests, and exercises.
  • Multi-Play, Multi-Level Games Entertain & Motivate! Challenging games motivate students to increase their skills. Typing games, like Ziggy and Typing with Sharks are uniquely designed to help students practice just the keys they have learned.
  • 11 Typing Courses Personalize Learning! Students can choose from 11 Comprehensive Typing Courses! Students or Instructors may select the perfect course to meet their personal or class typing requirements.
  • Exciting Practice Activities Provide Motivation! Students can take a break at any time and practice typing by playing with just the keys they have learned. Once they master all of the keys on the keyboard, students can practice by typing favorite stories or excerpts from classic literature. Students receive a Certificate of Achievement when they successfully complete a Typing Course.
  • Classroom Management & Reporting Features! A comprehensive Management Module gives educators what they need to facilitate the program for their School District, Schools, Classes, and Students.